Bringing ideas and people together,
one insightful event at a time.

In our eyes, no event is too big or too small. If it serves a purpose, it has a target audience. If it has a target audience, we know how to speak their language. Reaching out to them is no small task, especially in today’s environment where holding someone’s attention is considered a feat. That’s where we set ourselves apart. The idea/theme behind each event we organize, irrespective of genre or category, is always powered by an insight. An overlying ideal, which bolsters the purpose of the event with value. Driven by creative minds and passionate women & men on field, we are capable of handling anything you throw at us. Give us a brief and we’ll send you something worth wearing.

Team EvenFlow operates across 3 core areas: Creative, Operations and Client Servicing team. The servicing team are our eyes and ears. They listen to and observe the client’s requirements and convey the same to the brains – the creative folk. Through a process that is as hard to question as it is hard to believe, the brilliant minds unite, channel their crazy, funnel it through logic and insight, to conceptualize a winning event theme. Feeding off the basic insight, the theme is extended onto various collaterals and communication fronts as needed – ranging from invites and building buzz to on-site branding, online and digital campaigns and communication. The Operations team are the limbs of EvenFlow – feet to set things in motion, hands to keep everything in place, on time. They are responsible for flawless and timely execution. Their functions range from sourcing material and ensuring quality from vendors to supervising on-site execution.

Some of the events EvenFlow executes regularly include: Technical seminars, Conferences, Annual celebrations, Award shows, Theme parties, Networking dinners, Milestone celebration events, Inaugurations, Dealer meets, Town halls, All hands meets, Brand launches, Product launches, Facility launches, Outbound activities, Destination events, Customer loyalty events, Fashion shows, Live concerts, Road shows, Promotions and Weddings.