We make it happen.

We make it happening.

Vipul Ganatra channeled his years of expertise in the event management realm to start EvenFlow in 2008. The fervent Pearl Jam fan in him, spurred him onward to name it after his favourite song by the iconic rock group. Specializing in corporate events, EvenFlow is powered by motley crew of passionate, energetic and delightfully weird (read “creative”) team of young individuals. Accenture, SAP, Wipro, GE… to name a few, are some of the industry leaders who come to EvenFlow to make an event happen. Be it any scale, any theme, any audience, EvenFlow is always on cue. Executed with furious agility and an extreme sense of professionalism, an event, done by EvenFlow is always one to cherish. We’d hate to boast, but we’re really, really good at this. The words “On Cue” adorning our logo, is a carefully placed brag. If your organization has an event in mind, give us a call. We’ll make it happen. Better yet, we’ll make it happening.

Why Evenflow?

We understand our clients

We ask too many questions

We like doing things differently

We grow with our clients

We look at every new brief as a brand new opportunity

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the south

We exist to provide Innovative, Distinct & Value Creating experiences that builds a Happy brand internally & externally.

We let our values guide us: